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*BRAND NEW SEMINAR!* Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th April 2010, London, UK

Now YOU Can Make $1,500 to $27,000 a Month…
…WITHOUT   Spending a Single Penny!”

Find Out How YOU TOO Can Turbocharge Your Income and Skyrocket Your Business
With These 14 Never-Before-Revealed Social Media Strategies
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From the Desk of: Mark Anastasi
Date: 1st April 2010


Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

At the beginning of last year I noticed a new trend:

My clients started making money online faster than ever.

Within 2-3 days from attending my workshops or seminars they are telling me…

“Mark! I’ve made my first sale on the
Internet WITHIN 3 DAYS!!”

This phenomenon has accelerated in 2010.

More and more people are realizing the potential of “Social Media” to transform their finances AND their business.

For example, there are a dozen strategies for making money thanks to FACEBOOK!

See you for yourself!

“Who Else Wants To Make Money With FACEBOOK?”

For example, Tom Miller attended my Speed Cash Workshop in August 2009.

He recently told me he now makes over $2,700 a month on Facebook.

Vesna came to quite a few of my seminars in the last year. She made £1,000 in under a WEEK thanks to Facebook!

My friend Trevor ‘Toecracker’ informed me recently that he’s had MULTIPLE $20,000 WEEKS thanks to Facebook alone!

(Trevor, Vesna, and Tom will be revealing their secrets at The Social Media Millionaire Summit on 22-25 April…)

In fact, at The Social Media Millionaire Summit  you will learn:

  • The Facebook Affiliate Marketing Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook Ads Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook ‘Groups’ Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook ‘Fan Page’ Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook ‘BlackHat DOMINATION’ Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook Joint Venture Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook Webinar Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook MLM Network Marketing Cash Strategy
  • The Facebook ‘Guru’ Cash Strategy
  • …and much, much more!

But making money from FACEBOOK is just the START!

Because at The Social Media Millionaire Summit…

… you will also find out how to unleash the power of TWITTER for automated list building and cash flow!

“Who Else Wants To Make Money With TWITTER?”

Mili Ponce attended my seminar in April last year.

I found out later on that she had made…

… $500 in her first month online, thanks to Twitter.

… $1,800 in her second month online, thanks to Twitter.

… $2,500 in her third month online, thanks to Twitter.

… and she now makes $10,000 a month from the comfort of her own home…

$10,000 A Month Thanks To TWITTER!

Paul O’Mahony came to my workshop in June, learned Mili’s Twitter strategies and made his first sale online within TWO days.

(over $50,000 in sales in the last 7 months!)

Then Ali McKenzie came to my August seminar, she looked me straight in the eye, and she said:

“Mark. I’m going to MAKE it! Just you watch!”

And indeed, she implemented Mili’s Twitter strategies, and she now makes over $2,900 a month thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

My friend Kavit Haria makes $3,000 to $7,000 a month thanks to the COMBINED power of Twitter and Facebook.

(that’s $36,000 to $70,000 a year thanks to Twitter and Facebook)

Shaqir Hussyin came to a few of my seminars last year.

In January 2010 one of his Twitter accounts brought in $24,000 in sales.

Now it is YOUR turn!


Other people are getting rich. It is YOUR turn now.

See for yourself below!

At The Social Media Millionaire Summit  you will learn:

  • The Twitter Affiliate Marketing Cash Strategy
  • The Twitter Advertising Selling Cash Strategy
  • The Twitter Market Domination Cash Strategy
  • ... and much, much more!

But WAIT! It gets even BETTER!

Because you can make even MORE money thanks to YOUTUBE!

“Who Else Wants To Make Money With YOUTUBE?”

In 2005 I spoke at a small gathering of 40 or so people in Bristol, England.

A young guitar teacher was in the audience.

His name was Ben Lowrey.

Inspired by my talk on Internet Marketing…

Ben set out to create a website where he could teach guitar lessons…

… to people all over the world.

He put 12 free videos up on YouTube, and started generating over $20,000 a month thanks to the resulting traffic.

I interviewed him, found out his YouTube Traffic strategies…

…and distributed the interview to my clients and subscribers.

My client Julia Serbanete makes $1,000 a month thanks to YouTube.

Tom Miller makes $3,000 a month thanks to YouTube.

Laura Wilson makes over $3,000 a month thanks to YouTube, Squidoo, Twitter, and Facebook.

Sarah Staar makes over $3,500 a month in passive income thanks to YouTube.

Chad Kimball makes over $6,000 a month thanks to YouTube.

Mark Hess makes over $10,000 a month thanks to YouTube.

It is now YOUR turn.

At The Social Media Millionaire Summit  you will discover the SECRETS of…

  • The YouTube Affiliate Cash Strategy
  • The YouTube Account Rental Business
  • The YouTube Video Response Cash Strategy
  • The YouTube Google Domination Strategy
  • The YouTube ‘$1200 for 1 Hour of Work a Month’ Strategy
  • ...and much, much more!

And wait! I haven’t even TOLD you yet about MySpace, Squidoo, and 150+ OTHER social media websites out there!


These are strategies that are working right NOW!

THOUSANDS of people are profiting from these strategies right now. What about you?

Are you going to miss out on this huge trend… again?

These strategies are so simple, by the way, that even I understood them (and I’m no techie).

In fact one campaign that I launched personally in January 2010 brought in £29,865 in sales in under four weeks.

This has all been possible thanks to the Social Media Revolution.

More than 1.7 MILLION people have watched this short YouTube video below.

Check out How Social Media is
changing how we live our lives, how we get clients… EVERYTHING.

If you already HAVE business, it’s quite simple, really.

If you don’t engage your marketplace through Social Media…

Your Competitors Will Eat Your Lunch.

So on Thursday 22nd April until Sunday 25th April (my nameday, incidentally)…

…I am holding a special ONE-OFF event, where I will reveal these strategies to 500 of my clients.

This event is taking place at The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, in South Kensington, London.

The venue can only hold 500 attendees.

400 places have been pre-booked by my VIP high-level coaching and licensing clients.

This means that…

Just 100 tickets will be made available to the general public.

This event is taking place at The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, in South Kensington, London.

Attention! Extra Bonus Day For Newbies!

I am adding an extra FOURTH day to this event, for ‘beginner Internet Marketers’ and NEW entrepreneurs.

This day is especially for you IF you are looking to start your very first business, you are in a job that you hate, or you simply want to achieve financial freedom.

On Thursday 22nd April I will teach my clients…

Internet Marketing 101
How To Grow Your Mailing List FAST
How To Get Rich In 2010
The 6 Most Lucrative Things You Can Do On The Internet
The Internet Millionaire MINDSET
... and much, much more.

But that’s not all.

On Thursday 22nd April, during this event, I will also get some of my students to share the stage with me.

My CLIENTS and students will REVEAL how THEY are making $1,500 to $27,000 a MONTH thanks to Social Media!!

They will get on stage with me and reveal, after having attended my seminars in the last year…

  1. What Worked
  1. What Didn’t Work
  1. … and what YOU Need To Do To Make SURE You Are Making a FORTUNE ON THE INTERNET!

I Have ALSO Lined Up For You These Social Media & Money-Making EXPERTS!

These Social Media expert will Reveal Their Latest Strategies and share with you the SHORTCUTS to making money FAST on the Internet.

Daniel Priestley

What sets Daniel’s trainings apart is that he does away with all the fanciful ideas about “awareness” and “engagement” and delivers straight to the point ways to up revenue and reduce costs using this remarkable new technology.

Let Daniel help you to make yourself a little bit more “Web-Famous”.

He is the UK’s number one advisor on Social Media for Small Business.

Daniel will show you HOW using Social Media you can…

  • Convert More Leads Into Customers
  • Increase the Value of a Sale and the Ongoing Business from Each Client
  • Cut Out Costs and Maximise Profit
  • Engage JV Partners To Promote You And Your Business Using Social Media
  • Increase The Overall Value Of Your Business With Social Media

Here’s what Daniels clients have to say…

“I’ve come away with 18 brilliant new ideas” - Michelle Clarke

“Massive Value. Daniel has opened me up to a whole new spectrum of opportunities.” - Graham Emmett

“A fantastic talk, demystifying Social Media and Social Networking. I have lots of valuable ideas to take away. Thanks Daniel” - Carol Dickens

“One of the most useful talks I’ve seen in a long while. Loads of useful tips I can implement at little or no cost.” – Tania


Chris Farrell

Originally from London, England - Chris, 40, now lives in Beverly Hills, California, with his wife and their four dogs. Number five is on the way.
Chris is a full time Internet Marketer, Product Developer, Broadcaster and Writer. 

His journey into the world of Internet Marketing and Social Media began in 2008 with no previous experience and huge learning curve ahead of him!

Despite this Chris was determined and focused and within 6 months - he was able to generate $250 in a single day…

Within 9 months he was achieving $1000 in a single day!

Chris now makes $35,000+ every month all online (he is very aware of the mistrust within the industry, so making his proof of income claims public to anyone who requires verification).

“Chris is the creator of dozens of online courses and eBooks - and his training products and websites have already helped tens of thousands of newcomers begin their online business!”

In fact…

Chris Farrell Membership was recently voted…

Number 1 “Internet Marketing Service”by IMReportCard

With a focus and commitment to breaking Internet Marketing and Social Media strategies down to the simplest form Chris is providing proven methods for generating online incomes…

To complete beginners and experienced marketers alike
His methods are a breath of fresh air!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook

Trevor Crook is a world class, in demand - direct response copywriter, mentor, social media consultant and international speaker who helps business owners and entrepreneurs ignite their sales and profits using sizzling sales copy for online and off-line marketing strategies…

He is well known for his ‘No B.S.’ style and lives up to his ‘Toe Cracker’ name due to the fact he tells his client’s exactly like it is…

Results Count, Reasons Do Not.

  • One website client, increased sales $2.159 million p.a. in 30 days after a 20 minute Coaching call and website critique with Trevor.
  • Another client increased their conversions 800% from adding just one 4 letter word to his headline.

“When it comes to social media, Trevor, through his high profile within the social media community can and has done time and time again, driven so much traffic to websites, his customer’s servers crashed due to not be able to cope with the high demand!”

  • REVEALED: The number one social media site which can drive so much traffic to your website in a matter of hours . . . it causes your server to have a meltdown!
  • The Wrong way and right way to title your blog posts or social media updates.
  • How one blogarticle which took 20 minutes to write . . . then submitted to a social media site generated $6,973 in sales.
  • How Trevor generated $28,000 in less than 1 week from a carefully worded status update on facebook
  • How to generate regular 5 figure sales weeks through the power of facebook
  • REVEALED: How Trevor drove more than 104,000 unique visitor’s to a client’s website in 3 days using social media which caused her server to crash for over 6 hours . . .
  • Discover why the biggest power hitters of social media quite often get Trevor to write the headline/title for them
  • And much, much more!


Lee McIntyre

Lee McIntyre is a former schoolteacher turned Internet Marketing Genius who is now responsible for a massive £100,000 plus Monthly Income…

His rise to fame and fortune has been swift and rebellious as Lee has shunned the traditional Internet Marketing methods promoted by other ‘Guru’s’

His Gamble has paid off and he will reveal many of the things that have accelerated his success.

  • Proven Method For Building A Profitable Online Business Fast
  • How To Use Social Media To Become A Super Affiliate
  • Step-by-Step Guide To Quitting Your Job For Good
  • Growing Your List Virally Thanks To Social Media
  • And much, much more!


Mili Ponce – The Twitter Queen

Mili Ponce, originally from Peru has really taken the Social Media world by storm throwing herself at every opportunity and mastering the latest techniques for profiting from Twitter and other Social Media Vehicles…

Mili’s success has come quickly and she now earns in excess of $10,000 a month using Social Media.

  • How To Build Your Twitter List Incredibly Fast
  • How To Make $2,500 A Month Or More – In Your Spare Time
  • The Twitter Tools You Absolutely Must Have In Your Arsenal
  • How To Put Your Social Media Marketing On Autopilot


Tom Miller

Tom Miller or ‘Aussie Tom’ as he likes to be known is fast becoming a familiar name in Internet Marketing.

Tom’s own journey into Internet Marketing started in a very similar fashion to many other entrepreneurs, faced with little money and no real desire to be confined to a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week…

He now earns over $2,500 a month using Social Media strategies in particular YouTube

  • How To Get From Zero To $2,000 A Month Using Social Media
  • How To Guarantee Massive Click Through’s On Your YouTube Videos
  • Generating A Huge List Thanks To YouTube
  • How To Get A Constant Flow Of FREE Traffic Using Social Media
  • And much, much more!


Donna Fox

Donna Fox is a former corporate attorney and one of the most well-known, respected and sought after speakers in internet marketing today. 

She’s been a million dollar producer in multiple businesses, rising on her own to the top of the game in several niches such as real estate, credit, and marketing. 

However, she believes the journey is so much more enjoyable when she leverages her talents through profitable strategic alliances and partnerships.

Like you will, Donna forged her most powerful partnership at a seminar.

She struck up a conversation with an attendee in the row in front of her, and they later went on to create a series of epic seminars, a high end coaching program, the fabulous annual marketers cruise, and an extremely profitable offline continuity program. 

She believes in the power of live events because you never know when you’re going to sit behind the next Mike Filsaime.

Donna is a down-to-earth, dynamic, and humorous speaker.

She brings a light-hearted approach to a very serious (and scary) issue – keeping up with the huge learning curve involved in the internet marketing world.

She uses her amazing approachability to help others do far more than turn their finances around and drive their business economics – she helps them create a new path to financial freedom by sharing her online marketing savvy and knowledge of the process shortcuts the “gurus” use.

Hugely passionate about marketing she uses her humor, wisdom, web savvy, generosity, and anything else at her disposal to get the message across. 

With a fundamental belief that anyone can have a successful online business,

Donna’s success stories include a teacher who was able to leave the drudgery of the school system and continue his love for teaching online, a blind woman who maintains a successful and profitable membership site, and a fitness trainer who has earned enough selling information online that his wife was able to quit her factory job. 

  • The four Ps of all Internet marketing businesses and why you only need to worry about one of them.
  • How to make more money while getting your info in the hand of more people
  • How to put your marketing message physically in the hands of your customer for just a penny
  • Plus much more!
Donna’s sincerest wish is that after hearing her speak you know in your heart that you can do it too, and that this year is your year to achieve your dreams.


Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen is a real life SEO Master who regularly spends time at Google ‘Invite Only’ meeting and launches.

Now renowned for the speed with which he can propel businesses to the top of page one on Google, Gareth works with many of the most well-known and respected Internet Marketers.

His Insight into the workings of Google and other search engines proves invaluable when it comes to the effective use of Social Media

  • How To Dominate Google Searches Using Social Media
  • Get maximum Response From Your Social Media Using These Little Known Optimization Strategies
  • Achieving Google Page 1 Rankings – Myths Dispelled
  • Plus Much More!


Dr. Joanna Martin

Dr Joanna Martin is an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator who has taught over 45,000 people on three continents.

She is one of the world’s most successful and inspirational speakers making over $1.25 million in her first 12 months speaking professionally.
She started her working life as a medical doctor, then an actor before launching her career as a speaker. 

She now runs what she calls “The Ultimate Lifestyle Business”.

Best known for her onstage presence which allowed her to build a 7-figure business Joanna takes you Behind The Scenes to discover how she consistently makes $56,000/£23,000 plus using a simple Social Media strategy that can easily be run from the comfort of the kitchen table, or the terrace of your holiday home!

How to Convert Your Social Media and List Building Efforts into Instant Cash Using the Sexiest Online Tool Available…

In this entertaining and informative presentation she will take you through the Three Steps to Webinar Profits so that you can replicate the same in your own business.

  • How to select the right webinar platform for you
  • How to set up your promotional page in 9 minutes flat without ANY web design expertise (if you can use word you can do this!)
  • How to structure your presentation to make MAXIMUM sales
  • How to use webinars to create SUPER HIGH QUALITY information products that you can sell over and over again.
  • How you can do all this, share your message, make a difference and make lots of cash without ever leaving the house!
  • Plus much more!


Tracy Repchuk

TRACY REPCHUK is an International speaker and Motivator, Recurring Riches for Life Coach, Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Business owner of over 24 years, and mother to 3 children all who are actors.

Her #1 bestseller "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles" serves as the reference guide to newbies and entrepreneurs wanting to turn their passion into profits.

Tracy who wrote and launched to bestseller in 58 days, earned 6 figures in her first 5 months online, won 2007 New Internet Marketing Success of the Year, and was a finalist for The Stevie Business Awards 2008 Mentor of The Year, shows you the 5 steps to massive, quantum leap success.

If you are just starting, or already have a web business, you will want to see how Tracy broke 6 figures in her first 5 months with no list, no contacts and no idea what she was doing.

Here's what Tracy will reveal:

  • The #1 Secret to Create Push Button Profits
  • How to avoid IM pitfalls and Create Recurring Riches for Life
  • Keys to Turn what you Love to do into Massive Profit
  • 6 ways that will Quantum Leap your Progress
  • Proven Methods to Create a Traffic Hurricane on autopilot

Tracy will guide you along her proven path to direct internet marketing profits, add a dash of speed, and show you how to create multiple streams of income from a formula you can duplicate for every idea you have.


Daniel Wagner

Daniel will educate and entertain you…

The Austrian former drug addict with no formal education has moved from being in debt and miserable in a job he hated to running one of the UK's biggest online education programs.

He has generated over 1 million dollar in online sales and has helped thousands of people realize their own dreams through his unique training programs and mentoring system.

His passion for helping others and his passionate teaching style has touched many thousands as he made it his mission to share change people’s lives forever.

The continued worldwide success of his coaching and mentoring programs are a testimony to his commitment to delivering high quality content based on his unique humor and philosophy.

Here’s what some of Daniels customers have to say…

“I built over £1 Million business over the last three years… predominantly through the help of Daniel Wagner's."

"He Is A God Sent To The Internet Marketing World…”

"I am about to launch a multi million dollar website after just 3 months of working with Daniel."

“He Is Amazing. He Is A real inspiration And I Love His Teaching Style.”


Simon Leung

Simon Leung, known all across the Internet Marketing industry as the "Google Insider," is one of the leading experts in maximizing search engine and traffic generation results with the world's best search engine.

As an entrepreneur, Simon created a half a million dollar business during his first year online as a full-time Internet Marketer, and continued on to surpass the seven figure mark shortly into his second year in business. However, Simon did have an unfair advantage...

Back in April of 2002, when very few people have even heard of Google, Simon Leung was the most senior AdWords Optimization Specialist at Google Headquarters.

In August of 2006, Simon retired from Google after four and a half years to become a full-time Internet entrepreneur.

Within just two weeks after his retirement, Simon instantly became a recognized expert in the industry, contributing in major product launches, speaking at live seminars around the world, taking on consultation clients, JV partnering in big name projects, authoring in digital and printed books, as well as creating several more ground-breaking products of his own.

Simon will reveal:

  • Blogging your way to your own personal branding
  • Developing massive exposure using micro-blogs
  • Building social networks from all around the world
  • Gaining tons of raving fans through online videos
  • Making your favorite experiences globally famous
  • Sharing your content online and getting recognized
  • Bookmarking your favorite sites for high rankings
  • Encouraging a community of loyal followers
  • And much, much more...


Simon Coulson

Simon Coulson climbed the corporate ladder with BT PLC for 14 years before quitting the city life in December 2003.
He started a series of internet businesses and in less than 6 years Simon has generated over £6 million pounds.
The first £2 million were from the spare room in his house!

Simon’s business now has sales of over £1.5million a year from over 100 money producing websites - many of them are just a single page!  

After mentoring some friends to start their own successful internet businesses, the first of which has now generated 2M itself, Simon decided to roll out a coaching program to a wider audience and launched the Internet Business School in 2007.
This organisation has trained over 1000 entrepreneurs.
Simon will show you how he uses Social Media to continually build his business and increase his profits…

  • How to use social media to build your list
  • How to dominate search engine results using social media
  • How to  launch an internet marketing consultancy service with no startup costs using social media platforms
  • How to create professional videos and use free tools to promote your business

To find out more about this event watch this short video here:

7 Reasons Why You Must Attend
The Social Media Millionaire Summit

The REAL PURPOSE Of This Event Is To Give You FREEDOM

I believe that the strategies that I, my clients, and our speakers will share with you during The Social Media Millionaire Summit can give you the FREEDOM you are looking for.

Your dream life might be slipping away… unless you take action TODAY.

Are you stuck in a job that you hate?

Are you working hard for your employer?

Are you in Debt?

Do you feel like it’s time you FINALLY created the WEALTH and FREEDOM you deserve?


15 Reasons Why You Absolutely MUST Attend This Seminar!

  1. To Copy PROVEN Success Strategies (and avoid costly trial-and-error process…)
  1. To Learn the latest cutting-edge money-making strategies from the EXPERTS!
  1. To Finally Break free from the rat race!
  1. OTHER people are making TONS of money with social media… and YOU are missing out right now.
  1. The old ways of marketing your business – Yellow Pages, TV Advertising, Newspaper Advertising, Leaflets, Posters, Business Cards, Classified Ads, etc. – are no longer working.
  1. If you have a business and you are NOT involved in Social Media… YOUR COMPETITORS WILL EAT YOUR LUNCH.
  1. “The More You Learn The More You EARN”.
  1. “If you don’t learn how money works… you will spend the rest of your life working for money.” – Robert Kiyosaki, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.
  1. Investing in your wealth education produces the HIGHEST return on investment. (“If you think education is expensive… you should try ignorance.” – Brian Tracy)
  1. The old notion of “Go to school, get a good job, and you’ll be ok…” stopped working in the 70’s. You need to create YOUR OWN ECONOMY.
  1. You can no longer rely on a pension or on the government taking care of you. The pension system and the government are BROKE. You need to create YOUR OWN ECONOMY.
  1. The stock market, the property market, and the value of your CURRENCY are about to COLLAPSE. You need to create YOUR OWN ECONOMY.
  1. It’s time for NEW thinking when it comes to BUSINESS and WEALTH CREATION.
  1. You will discover the most EFFECTIVE most POWERFUL strategies for making money online with Zero Investment
  1. The way we communicate has changed forever You can’t afford to be left behind

This event is for YOU if…

    1. You are a business opportunity seeker or Internet Marketer and you want to make $1,500 to $27,000/month
    1. You are a coach, author, therapist, speaker, trainer, consultant, etc. and you want to grow your small business FAST
    1. You want to get a LOT more traffic and SALES for your established business, and make sure you are keeping up with the latest marketing trends and techniques.

And also, you MUST come to this event if you simply want to make money from FACEBOOK!

And DEFINITELY come to this event if you want to profit from TWITTER!

And MOST DEFINITELY you will not want to miss out on the latest CASH-exploding strategies for YOUTUBE!


Secure Your Seat Now For Just £497


Each Ticket Admits TWO…

Now by the way, each ticket admits TWO people.

I want to make sure I encourage attendees to bring a GUEST (this is like a referral for us – it means more people find out about and experience our seminars).

So as an added incentive, we will set up a web business for you AND for your guest…

… IF you bring a guest, that is!

Bring a GUEST… and We’ll Set Up A Web Business For YOU BOTH, FREE OF CHARGE!

Here’s what you’ll get… If you bring along a guest to The Social Media Millionaire Summit:

A Free money-making website (Worth $397)

A Free domain name (Worth $10.00)

A Free website setup & installation (Worth $30.00 + $69.95)

A Free unlimited customer support (Worth $24/hour)

A Free coaching call by my trained marketing staff (Worth $297)

A Free $75 in advertising credits (Value: $75)

You get this BONUS, for simply bringing along a guest.

This means NO MATTER WHAT you will leave this event as an INTERNET BUSINESS OWNER!

Simply show up with your guest at the event…

…and you will BOTH be given an envelope with your ‘Web Business Activation’ details, as our way of saying ‘Thanks’.

Here are the details for this event: 

Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th April 2010
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, UK

Note: Only 100 Tickets Will Be Made Available To The Public


Secure Your Seat Now For Just £497


Order your ticket today and I’ll make you this no questions asked double your money back guarantee:

This means if you pay £497 and you're not 100% satisfied from the course: you get £994 back!


Heck… I’ll even let you keep the Web Business!

You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE

Places are limited, I only have 100 seats available and I know they’re going to go fast!

The first event of 2010 SOLD OUT in a matter of hours…

So book your seat today before it’s too late!



Note: This is an exclusive one-off event that WILL NOT be repeated!

I guarantee you will leave with so many FREE strategies to plug straight into your business, or even start your business you’ll find it hard to sleep.

These are the most up to date business building and income generating strategies available on the planet today!

Join my friends, my clients and me as we spend 4 solid days revealing to you the exactly what’s working in Social Media… RIGHT NOW!

I look forward to seeing you at The Social Media Millionaire Summit on the 22nd-25th  April in London.

To Your Success

signature mark anastasi
Mark Anastasi

P.S. Remember you’re covered by my 100% Double Your Money Back Guarantee, if by the evening of Day 4 you don’t feel I’ve delivered on everything I promised – Let me know and I’ll refund double the entry fee you paid.

P.S. Order now and not only will you get full access to ‘The Social Media Millionaire Summit’ (your ticket admits two) plus when you bring a guest you’ll also get A WEB BUSINESS worth £830 absolutely FREE!

P.S. Don’t forget these are strategies ORDINARY people just like you are using to make THOUSANDS OF POUNDS every month!


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